Say AAAH Book


When I decided to write "SAY AAAH", my goal was to share my knowledge and experience with parents and health-care providers of young children in an informative, resource-driven and practical manner. A little humour has been thrown in, since I think readers enjoy being entertained as well.

I have designed the book to be very user-friendly. The subjects are listed in alphabetical order and there is a comprehensive index so that the reader can access information quickly. The book covers more than 160 individual topics. It also contains more than 150 photographs to provide a visual reference. The most common parental concerns are covered, and many of the topics are discussed in great detail to ensure the readers complete understanding.

Here are some examples:

  • Crying - normal/abnormal, causes
  • Sleep - normal/abnormal, strategies
  • Eczema - causes, prevention, treatment
  • Asthma - causes, prevention, treatment
  • Fever - causes, treatment
  • Child-rearing - a common-sense approach
  • Feeding - what, when, how, how much, supplements
  • Colds, coughs and flu (including the 100-day cough) - what works and what does not
  • Tantrums - preventing them before they begin
  • Rashes - lots of photographs
  • Immunization - yea or nay?
  • Discipline - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Anxiety - minimizing those anxious moments
  • Newborn jaundice - causes and concerns

Other topics include:

  • Your "advisory staff" - helpful or not?
  • Newborn baby blues - not just for first-time moms
  • Doctor's visits - how to get the most from them
  • Minimizing fear of needles - taking the "ouch" out of the ouch
  • Newborns - what not to worry about (with lots of photographs)
  • Vacations - making them happy, healthy and safe
  • Summer "ouchies" - causes, prevention, treatment
  • "Gotcha" problems - sleep issues, picky eaters, "blue garter" syndrome

Many other topics are included as well, making "SAY AAAH" as comprehensive a resource as possible. I have also endeavoured to present the information using terminology that can easily be understood by all.

I hope you enjoy "SAY AAAH". Your feedback is welcome!