A 'ReCipe' for Child-Rearing

Yield: a happy, independent child


Coping skills
Common sense
"C"ence of humour


Add a big pinch of STRUCTURE.
Mix together and stir
with tender loving care.
Then sit back and enjoy.



I have a busy general and consultant paediatric practice in Mississauga, Ontario, just west of Toronto. I care for children from birth until 18 years of age (and often older), constantly endeavouring to fully satisfy the needs of each family. Along with open communication, I believe that these are hallmarks of good practice.

It's hard to believe, but during my career thus far, I have dealt with approximately 300,000 visits to my office! I have found that caregivers require a great deal of information, as well as constant reassurance. They must be kept fully informed in a manner that is easy to understand. They need to be empowered to ask the right questions of their child's health-care provider. My book is meant to accomplish all of these goals.

"SAY AAAH" has also been written with the intention of providing caregivers with a resource that will help demystify health information that has been conveyed to them. It allows the reader to process information as needed, at his or her own pace. I hope as well that parents will use it to problem-solve and to become generally better informed about children's health and safety.